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Southern Folk Song Festival kicks off

Posted at: TUEsday - 12/05/2015 07:20 - Viewed: 2176
A performance at the event

A performance at the event

The sixth Vietnam folk song festival 2015 for the southern region opened at Dong Thap province on May 6.

The festival was organised by the Vietnam Television Centre in Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Thap provincial Radio and Television and the Dong Thap provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The festival attracted 12 art troupes from 12 cities and provinces in the region, with nearly 200 artists and artisans representing ethnic groups including the Kinh, Cham, Kho-me, S’Tieng and Ta Mun.

The singers presented performances at the festival, including various genres of folk songs, folk dances and folk music expressing the cultural identities of their towns and the daily lives of the people.

The biennial festival, the fifth to be held so far, aims to preserve traditional songs, dances and music, while providing the artists an opportunity to exchange ideas with each other.

The best performances will be selected to perform at the final of National Folk Song Festival in Nghe An

Source: tcgd theo TNN
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