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Nguyen Kings historical records displayed

Posted at: SUNday - 03/01/2016 07:02 - Viewed: 2590
Nguyen Kings historical records displayed

Nguyen Kings historical records displayed

An exhibition featuring woodblocks and official administrative papers of the Nguyen Kings has opened in Hanoi. The exhibition is part of activities to honor Vietnam’s documentary heritage and the Nguyen dynasty’s contributions to the historical records.

The exhibition, called “Historical records of the Nguyen dynasty in imperial records and woodblocks- World Documentary Heritage” introduces 100 historical documents selected from the Imperial Records and Woodblocks archived in the Archive Center No 1 in Hanoi and the Archive Center No 4 in Da Lat. They vividly reflect the Nguyen dynasty’s attention to recording history. Ha Van Hue, Director of the National Archive Center No 1, says imperial records and woodblocks contain rich information about the history, geography, society, politics, legislation, culture, education, arts, literature, and language of the Vietnamese society in the 143 years from 1802 to 1945. Mr. Ha Van Hue said: “The Nguyen dynasty professionally, meticulously, and cautiously recorded history in woodblocks and documents. They reflected the Nguyen dynasty’s achievements and contributions to recording history. The Nguyen dynasty was a successful regime with clear records about the history of a monarchy”.

The exhibition shows the organisation of the historic preservation office, how the kings recruited staff to the office and the process of collecting documents to compile and print records. Doctor Nguyen Cong Viet is a former Director of the Han Nom Research Institute and a member of the National Cultural Heritage Council:“Documents and materials on display at the exhibition reflect the Nguyen dynasty’s attention to researching and protecting historical records and organizing the History Recording Department. The compilation and printing of the records were conducted carefully, scientifically and officially. In the current society, it’s of profound importance to record history. The exhibition highlights the importance of history in researching the Vietnamese culture”.

Historical imperial records and woodblocks of the Nguyen dynasty are also an important archive confirming Vietnam’s sea and island sovereignty, especially over Hoang Sa and Truong Sa archipelago. This is a rare chance for the public to see the once top-secret administrative documents carrying decisions and suggestions from the kings, said Lam Ba Nam, head of the Anthropology Department, University of Social Sciences and Humanities: “This is a very good and interesting exhibition not only for researchers but also for the public. In the near future, we need to introduce these documents in history lessons at school”.

Both historical imperial records and woodblocks were recognised by the UN cultural agency UNESCO as the World Documentary Heritage in the Memory of the World Program. 




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