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Doan Minh Tai, designer Ly Nguyen and model Nam Phong on the vedette stage.

Doan Minh Tai looks like a gentleman, wearing a Mon Amie suit

The suit collection of fashion house Mon Amie was presented with the participation of many familiar model faces such as: Supermodel Le Quang Hoa, Nam Phong, singer Kyo York, Hoang Phi Kha... Especially, actors Doan Minh Tai was chosen for the vedette position with supermodel and runner-up Nam Phong when appearing with the models and designer Ly Nguyen representing the Mon Amie vest.

Thanh Minh festival in Vietnamese people's mind

For years, Tiet Thanh Minh (Tomb-sweeping festival) which comes in the early days of spring has become a familiar custom of Vietnamese people.

Cai Luong Bach Long Dong has a new stage

Bach Long has been one of the main actors of the Idecaf stage for a long time. Every time he rehearses at the Non La Theater, he often wishes that this 200-seat stage could be used as a stage for the Bach Long Dong cub’s activities.


11 movies to be presented at Japanese Film Festival 2018

Japanese Film Festival 2018 held by the Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam will take place in HCM City on November 2-18.


Week of vegetarian food opens in Dam Sen Park

A week of vegetarian food will take place at Dam Sen Cultural Park in HCM City from August 19-26.

Boney M

Boney M, Scorpions, Chris Norman set to perform in Hanoi

A local bank has agreed to sponsor two concerts in Hanoi next month by Boney M, Scorpions and Chris Norman, a source told Thanh Nien without providing details.


Another film featuring Vietnam’s landscapes to soon make debut

The “Cha cõng con – Father and son” film with Vietnamese breathtaking sceneries will have its premiere on April 5.

Unicorn-Lion-Dragon dance festival in Tet

Unicorn-Lion-Dragon dance festival in Tet

Annual Unicorn-Lion-Dragon Dance Festival will be traditionally held on Tuesday evening, January 31 and Wednesday, February 2, 2017. Organizers require that each participating group has three main characters Unicorn-Lion-Dragon and Earth God. The groups may use minor characters like horses, Monkey King, Sha Seng and Zhu Bajie with good looking and distinctive appearance. Each group may join in all three kinds of performance with Unicorn, Lion, and Dragon or just take part in only one dance, depending on their competence. However, the dance must use two unicorns and one the Earth God.

9-year-old drummer wins Vietnam’s Got Talent

9-year-old drummer wins Vietnam’s Got Talent

Trong Nhan, a 9-year-old contestant with his undeniable skills on the drums, was named the new winner of Vietnam’s Got Talent on Friday.

Actor Chi Trung

Vietnam’s charity TV show replaces disgraced comedian Minh Beo as host

A charity TV show aimed at helping needy farmers in Vietnam has found a new host, after the former one Minh Beo was arrested on child sex charges in the U.S last month.

French troupe brings Carmen to Saigon theatre

French troupe brings Carmen to Saigon theatre

Carmen, one of the most successful and controversial operas, will be performed at the Ho Chi Minh City Ballet and Symphony Orchestra (HBSO) this weekend with the alluring French singer Sophie Leleu playing the main female role.

Cai Luong artists Minh Canh & Canh Tran

Performing traditional theater in Hanoi

Traditional theaters play an important role in Vietnamese culture. Despite the rapid development of contemporary art genres and the entertainment industry in Vietnam, traditional theaters continue to inspire both Vietnamese and foreign audience.

Hat cua dinh

Hat cua dinh- Folk singing of Quang Ninh province

“Cua dinh” folk singing also called “nha to” folk singing in Quang Ninh province has been recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The genre is one aspect of the Vietnamese people’s unique culture.

Dustin Nguyen

“Lottery Win” selected for Oscar award qualifying round

The “Lottery Win” film directed by Vietnamese-American Dustin Nguyen has been selected for the qualifying round of the Best Foreign-Language Film award at the Oscars 2016, announced the Vietnam Cinema Department under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on September 29.

18 year old boy wins “The Voice” 2015

18 year old boy wins “The Voice” 2015

Duc Phuc, from Hanoi won ‘The Voice of Vietnam’ singing competition 2015, which ended in Ho Chi Minh City on September 20.

Inside the Light: blind life in photos

Inside the Light: blind life in photos

A photo exhibition in downtown Ha Noi features the lives of visually impaired people in Ha Noi, offering insight into their unique worldview.

An ‘unusual' cai luong live show

An ‘unusual' cai luong live show

People's Artist Ngoc Giau, a leading cai luong (reformed opera) performer, will return to the stage for a live show in HCM City next week.

250 artists join 2015 Don Ca Tai Tu Festival

250 artists join 2015 Don Ca Tai Tu Festival

The second Don Ca Tai Tu Festival was opened at Light Music Center in HCM City ( Saigon)) on July 11.

Dustin Nguyen jump starts his career and a new life

Dustin Nguyen jump starts his career and a new life

When you think of Dustin Nguyen, two things come to mind: 21 Jump Street and an epic love story. It's rare to find any article written about Nguyen that doesn't include one or the other. While it has been decades since his career debut as one of the most visible Vietnamese actors in the industry, Nguyen still remains part of the lexicon for those who grew up watching him. It's hard to believe the scrappy youngster who starred alongside Johnny Depp is now 52, living outside of America, with a new life he never could have imagined.

Concert to be held to celebrate Vietnam-US ties

Concert to be held to celebrate Vietnam-US ties

A concert featuring Vietnamese and American artists will be held on June 21 to mark the 20th year of the normalisation of diplomatic ties between Vietnam and the United States, according to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.


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