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Father of modern cai luong finds rest place in homeland

Posted at: WEDnesday - 03/06/2015 10:17 - Viewed: 3037
Nhac sĩ Sau Lau

Nhac sĩ Sau Lau

The very first historical and cultural memorial erected to late musician Cao Van Lau has been opened for public view in the Mekong province of Bac Lieu on September 30. Father of modern cai luong finds
Ribbon cutting to inaugurate the memorial on September 30 (Photo: Lao Dong Newspaper)
Important development of modern vong co and cai luong (Southern traditional music)   On the occasion of the inauguration, the Cao Van Lau cai luong troupe paid a visit to the monument and hosted an anniversary of the late artiste with plenty of activities, such as a drum performance, carrying a thurible, offering tea and rice wine to the artiste and some musical performances.   The province also presented the Cao Van Lau Awards to ten musicians and composers who have made great contributions to the development of Southern cai luong.   Cao Van Lau, 1892-1976, is considered the father of modern vong co and cai luong and one of Vietnam’s best musicians. He started composing at the age of 20 after four years tutelage by the popular local musician Le Tai Khi. After three years of marriage to his wife, there was still no child, Lau was forced to send his wife back to her family in accordance with local customs at the time. This hurt came to inspire Lau to compose his best-known love-song, “Da co hoai lang,” which later had great influence on cai luong and vong co music.
By staff reporters, translated by Truong Son

Source: tcgd theo SGGP
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