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Ethnomusicologist Tran Quang Hai helps honour Vietnamese music

Posted at: SUNday - 01/03/2015 12:19 - Viewed: 3050
Ethnomusicologist Tran Quang Hai helps honour Vietnamese music

Ethnomusicologist Tran Quang Hai helps honour Vietnamese music

Tran Quang Hai is a talented musical scholar, who lives in France and has given more than 3,000 concerts in 65 countries worldwide. Together with his father, renowned Professor Dr Tran Van Khe, and his wife, famous singer Bach Yen, he has been contributing to the research, promotion and honouring of Vietnamese music for many years. 
Tran Quang Hai was born into a family with five generations of musicians in southern Vietnam. His father, Prof Tran Van Khe, is well known for helping promote Vietnamese traditional music to the world and honouring it in the fields of research and performance. 
 Mr Hai graduated from the Saigon National Conservatoire before moving to France to settle and study musicology in Sorbonne University and ethnomusicology in the Paris College of Social Sciences. He began his research into Oriental music in the Musée de l’Homme in 1968.
 The following year, Mr Hai was appointed to a position in the National Centre for Scientific Research, when he was still a college student. He decided to focus on overtone singing techniques, which he discovered in 1969. The art, which involves the production of two sounds simultaneously from the throat, has made him famous worldwide as the number one expert in overtone singing.
 "After many months of research, I developed a system of methods for overtone singing," the ethnomusicologist recalled. "I have had 8,000 learners for this subject in 65 nations so far."
 Prof. Quang Hai has received over 30 international awards for his musical studies. In 2002, French President Jacques Chirac granted the Legion Honour Medal to Dr Hai in recognition of his contributions to the research into world overtone singing. 
 A master of acoustics, the renowned music researcher can play various Vietnamese traditional instruments virtuosically such as 16-chord zither, two-chord fiddle, flute and even spoon. (He has made a lot of improvements to the spoon playing technique.)
 Dr Quang Hai considers himself as a mix of many types of music - oriental and occidental, traditional and contemporary. His music, therefore, is a borderless one. He said he has forged a universal view of the world and Vietnamese music. He aims to combine all genres of traditional music into a typical one of world music.
 Although having lived overseas for 45 years, Mr Hai has always looked back to his homeland with special feeling. He practises patriotism in his own way. The music performer-cum-composer not only studies traditional music enthusiastically but also makes efforts to preserve it. He has given 3,000 concerts in more than 60 nations to introduce the diverse music of the country. The dedicated man has also produced more than 30 audio and video CDs on Vietnamese music in France, Italy and the US.
 Prof. Quang Hai has composed more than 400 songs and music pieces of various kinds, including overtone singing and music for Vietnamese traditional instruments.
 The distinguished scientist has written numerous articles and some books for world famous journals such as The World of Music (UNESCO), Journal of Asian Music Society (Cornell University, US), Cahiers de Musiques Tradionnelles (Swizerland), and Koukin Journal (Tokyo, Japan). His articles on Vietnamese and Asian music were also published on New Grove Dictionary.
 Ethnomusicologist Tran Quang Hai is member of many music research societies in the US, France, UK, and Belgium. He has been a guest lecturer of over one hundred universities in the world and has given over 1,500 speeches to pupils in European schools. Dr Hai has also attended more than 130 international music festivals. His name appeared in many books, including The Dictionary of International Biography (UK), International Who’s Who in Music (UK), The Europe 500 Leaders for the New Century (US), and Officiel Planete (France).

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