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Artist Kieu Phuong Loan is surprised to see her image 35 years ago

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Artist Kieu Phuong Loan said she was surprised to see the Cai Luong play that was filmed at HTV in 1988, when she was just 34 years old.
Artist Kieu Phuong Loan is surprised to see her image 35 years ago - Photo 1.

Artist Kieu Phuong Loan as Thanh in the play "The Heart of the Sea"

"I myself have not been able to watch it again after the play "The Heart of the Sea" by composer Ha Trieu and Hoa Phuong was filmed by HTV. Looking back today, I was moved to tears," said artist Kieu Phuong Loan.

Participating in this play are famous artists including: Thanh Thanh Hoa, Chi Hieu, Hung Minh, Bao Quoc, Hoai Truc Phuong, and Thanh Thuy. “Among the artists who joined me, artists Thanh Thanh Hoa, Hoai Truc Phuong, Chi Hieu have passed away. So when I watch this play, I cry because I remember my colleagues who have devoted their whole lives to the stage," said artist Kieu Phuong Loan emotionally.

Artist Kieu Phuong Loan is surprised to see her image 35 years ago - Photo 2.

Artists Thanh Thanh Hoa and Kieu Phuong Loan in the play "The Heart of the Sea"

In fact, there are many different edits from this famous Cai Luong script, but for the confiding audience of the small screen, the acting talent of the above generation of artists when filming at HTV, is the most loved ones.

Artist Kieu Phuong Loan plays Thanh, the child of a woman who because of circumstances has to bring her child to a rich person to raise and she becomes a nanny to take care of her child. When Thanh grew up, was about to have a rich husband, knew that the nanny was liked by the boss, he intended to fire her, but Thanh did not know that it was his biological mother.

Artist Kieu Phuong Loan is surprised to see her image 35 years ago - Photo 3.

A scene from the play "The Heart of the Sea" filmed by HTV in 1988

In her youth, artist Kieu Phuong Loan was a beauty of the stage. She attended the actor training course of the drama department of the Saigon National School of Music and Drama (now the Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music). 

In the same course as her, there were artists: Huynh Thanh Tra, Mai Thanh, Tu Trinh, My Chi, Thoai Mieu… After graduating with the support of her family, she founded a singing troupe and specialized in playing main roles. When the country was unified, she joined the Kim Cuong Talk troupe, famous for the play "Tania" directed by Meritorious Artist Doan Ba.

In the 90s of the last century, she collaborated with the Song Be 2 Cai Luong Doan, paired with the late Meritorious Artist Vu Linh. She and Vu Linh have been a couple loved by the audience through many plays, the most famous being "The Legend of Love" by composer Nhi Kieu.

"Now that the play "The Heart of the Sea" is re-enacted, I can only play the role of a nanny, as a background for young actors. I love this classic reformed work because of its profound education and many messages of preserving filial piety to parents," said artist Kieu Phuong Loan.




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