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Artist Kieu Phuong Loan is surprised to see her image 35 years ago

Artist Kieu Phuong Loan said she was surprised to see the Cai Luong play that was filmed at HTV in 1988, when she was just 34 years old.

100 years CL

City’s special art program honors 100 years old of cai luong

A special art program celebrating the 100th anniversary of Cai Luong Stage was held in Nguyen Hue walking street in HCMC on January 13.


APEC Film Week 2017 to open with Vietnamese film

Vietnamese film My Nhan (The beautiful woman) by director Dinh Thai Thuy will be screened in the opening ceremony of the APEC Film Week that will open in Hanoi on October 11.


Jordan Vogt-Roberts may serve as tourism ambassador

Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of the film Kong: Skull Island, has been asked to serve as an honorary tourism ambassador of Vietnam by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Red silk cotton trees in full bloom in Do Son

Red silk cotton trees in full bloom in Do Son

Red silk cotton tree flowers, also known as Bombax ceiba, in Do Son district started to bloom these days, turning the popular tourist destination into a giant red carpet.

Jade Buddha

Quang Binh welcomes massive jade Buddha

The world’s largest Buddha statue, made of jade, has been brought to Vietnam.

Ao Dai of days gone by

Ao Dai of days gone by

Ao Dai, a long gown with buttons down the front that is worn with trousers has become the national symbol of feminine beauty and a source of national pride for the Vietnamese people.

Thang Long

Thang Long Royal Citadel and heritage promotion

The Thang Long Royal Citadel was recognized as a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO five years ago. Many archaeological research activities have been carried out to evaluate, preserve, and promote this heritage.

Ut Tra On

Remembering one of the greatest actors in Cai luong arts – the People’s Artist (NSND) Ut Tra On

“… The Ca Mau mat had been dyed with a very vibrant color. It took me a lot of labors, through rain and shine, to finish. I am not going to sell it to anyone. If I cannot find you to offer it as a gift, I will use it to rest my head on every night...” Excerpt from the song “Tình anh bán chiếu” (The love of a bed mat seller).

New cave discovered in Phong Nha

New cave discovered in Phong Nha

A local man has discovered a new cave inside Phong Nha, the world natural heritage site in Quang Binh province, according to the Management Board of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park.

10 Vietnamese food you need to try

10 Vietnamese food you need to try

Vietnamese food is distinct and unforgettable, according to UK magazine Rough Guides.

Painting exhibition

Painting exhibition celebrates German-Vietnamese diplomatic ties

A painting exhibition featuring art works by the new generation of German artists will be organized at Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts in Hanoi on May 14.

Remembering a hick (hai lua) named Sen

Remembering a hick (hai lua) named Sen

In the comedy genre in Saigon before 1975, Phi Thoan was considered the very first comedian who invented the art of impromptu jokes. The laughter from the audience seemed to reflect the wholesome image of the hard-working farmers in the South, who are joyful and optimistic. Because he was born and brought up in the South, he thought of his hometown Tra Vinh as a cradle that nourished his dream, a true hick’s dream of becoming an artist.

Unforgettable play : Mau Nhuom San Chua

Unforgettable play : Mau Nhuom San Chua

At "Thien Nhai Tu" temple, a young sadi with the name Tran Tu Tam (Nghe Si Minh Canh) led a peaceful, carefree life of a monk. One cloudy day, a girl called Nhuoc Thuy (Nghe Si Phuong Lien?) came out of nowhere and gave him a letter which told of a horrendous murder that took place 20 years ago that involved the deaths of Tran Tu Tam's parents. He learned that his folks were brutally killed 20 years ago by a traitor in their group and that Tran Tu Tam was lucky enough to escape with the help of a kind man named Du Phong (Nghe Si Thanh Sang) who ran off with him and left him in the temple to be raise by the head monk. The letter also stated that now was the time for Tran Tu Tam to resume a layperson life and seek revenge for his parents.

Vọng Cổ : Sáu Câu (Six Phrases)

Vọng Cổ : Sáu Câu (Six Phrases)

Modern vọng cổ is made up of six phrases of thirty-two measures. A noticeable cadence ends each sub-phrase of four measures. At this cadence, all instruments (and the vocalist) come back together, usually hitting the same note. At eight measures before the end of a phrase, the song loan is tapped twice consecutively by the leader (usually the đàn kìm player) to signify that the phrase is ending. On the last measure of a phrase, the song loan is tapped once more to make sure everyone ends together. At that point, the performers may move on to the next phrase, transition to a different song, or end completely.



Many members of the www.cailuongvietnam.com Website are loyal fans of the famous singer Minh Canh. While most of them would agree that the song “The Mournful Sound of Music” (Sau Vuong Y Nhac), written by Vien Chau, the King of Vong Co songs, is one of the songs that greatly contributed to the success of that legendary singer, probably only a few of Minh Canh’s fans know that this song was written based on a real and tragic life of a Cai Luong troupe’s owner, Mr. Hoang Van Quynh.


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