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9-year-old drummer wins Vietnam’s Got Talent

Posted at: TUEsday - 17/05/2016 23:37 - Viewed: 1462
9-year-old drummer wins Vietnam’s Got Talent

9-year-old drummer wins Vietnam’s Got Talent

Trong Nhan, a 9-year-old contestant with his undeniable skills on the drums, was named the new winner of Vietnam’s Got Talent on Friday.
The boy from Da Lat won the hearts of judges and viewers with a spectacular drumming performance and an amazing singing voice. He rocked the stage in Ho Chi Minh City with "Ngon Lua Cao Nguyen" (Highlands flame), an energetic song about the spirit of Vietnamese highlanders.
“You are not in a competition. This performance is set for an international show,” said judge Viet Huong.
Huy Tuan, another judge, gave the boy a standing ovation. “I have been waiting for four years to meet somebody that can really excite me,” said the four-time judge.
Nhan claimed the title with a VND500 million (US$22,360) prize. “I am very happy,” the boy said smiling.
Trung Luong was the runner-up with a performance with dan nguyet – Vietnam traditional two-string round-shaped guitar. Opera singer Quynh Anh came third. 
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 Trong Nhan, 9, is named the winner at 2016 Vietnam's Got Talent on May 13.
By Quynh Nhu 

Source: tcgd theo TNN
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