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Cai Luong Bach Long Dong has a new stage

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Bach Long has been one of the main actors of the Idecaf stage for a long time. Every time he rehearses at the Non La Theater, he often wishes that this 200-seat stage could be used as a stage for the Bach Long Dong cub’s activities.
One day, knowing that thought of Bach Long, the manager Huynh Anh Tuan shouted: “Why didn’t you say earlier, knowing that you like it, I create conditions immediately. 

Because he has been a devoted teacher to the young Bach Long since the 1990s, since then there has been a class of young reformed stars such as Tu Suong, Que Tran, Trinh Trinh, Vu Luan, Le Thanh Thao, Binh Tinh… “. 

So Mr. Tuan planned to give this stage to Bach Long to take care of training and art quality, and he took care of the organization, ticket sales and promotion of the work. 

As planned, the Cai Luong stage for children will perform for the first time at 9 a.m. on September 11, right on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, with the play White Horse and Giant Radish.

Bach Long expressed emotion: “When we heard that Mr. Tuan helped to reactivate Bach Long Dong, we were very happy. Since its establishment, Bach Long has trained 3 times with a total of about 100 children. . 

The children participating in this performance are the 3rd batch, there are about 16 children. Many of them are very passionate about their job, but because I don’t have the capital to form a group, the children scattered about to teach, the coffee shop assistant, a few lucky ones even got to sing. 

To prepare for the debut, our teachers and students have practiced 4 children’s reformed scenarios. Every meal, teachers and students practice hard from 8am, 9am to 9am, 10pm.” 

After the premiere date, the children’s reform stage Bach Long Dong will perform periodically on Sunday mornings every other week, if effective, it will be held every Sunday.
Once upon a time, Dong Au Bach Long – ‘Ancestor made me a teacher’!
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