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5.000 Vietnamese studying in France: What's new in visa and scholarship policies in 2024?

5.000 Vietnamese studying in France: What's new in visa and scholarship policies in 2024?

More and more Vietnamese people choose to study in France thanks to internationalized education and open job opportunities. What do you need to know about enrollment and scholarship application timelines, according to experts?



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Musician Tran Kich

Musician Tran Kich

Hue where the secrets of the old imperial palace are kept and where Mr Tran Kich, one of the two last instrumentalists of Nguyen dynasty, is maintaining the Nha Nhac quintessences bequeathed by ancestors.
At the age 87, in stead of enjoying family happiness, he is still absorbed in his work, despite his health and his old age.  Everyday he rides an old bicycle through the familiar roads leading to the Art College, Cultural And Artistic College, Phu Xuan Artistic Club and The Theatre Of Hue Traditional And Royal Art in order to teach Nha Nhac students musical scales such as Cong - Xe - Su - Xang ( a Nha Nhac notation equivalent to Do - Re - Mi - Pha  of the western one ). Moreover, he also went on tour in Korea, Japan, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Switzerland for the purpose of promoting Nha Nhac
    For his efforts,  he is respected by researchers and the fancy of Hue art “I nearly have one foot in the grave. Before dying, I should transfer my experience to my descendants who will maintain this tradition” said Mr Tran Kich in a trembling voice.
    Born into an artistic family, he began his Nha Nhac lessons when he was a child. Then, he worked as a professional instrumentalist at the age of 16. Moreover, his inspiration to be a professional instrumentalist came from  his father. He said: “ I could not have dreamed that the prime of youth would bring me such a passion for musical art “; he gave up all his other pleasures in order to enjoy and perform Nha Nhac pieces beacause this was the reason for his life. “ Nha Nhac was in his blood “ and seemed to be circulating in his body. This kept his mind on studying, memorising and practising the pieces taught to him by his friends and his seniors of the Bao Dai Emperor’s band. Until now, he did not have time to hand his talent down to the present generation. Prof. Tran van Khe once enjoyed his performance in UNESCO’s Hall ( Paris - France ) and said in a touched voice : “ I have enjoyed performances presented by different instrumentalists in many places. However, when Mr Thi played the two - stringed - fiddle, bamboo flute and  single - stringed - plucked - instrument..., all of the sounds  produced were clear and distinctive from those of the other instrumentalists’ . Their soul and spirit seemed to reach a new stature of art. “ . In 1962, he taught in the Hue National Musical School ( the forerunner of  the current Hue Art College at present ) and many students have succeeded preserving the cultural art asset left by our ancestors.
    We can say Mr Kich is now the worthy keeper of Nha Nhac because he himself has contributed a great deal to Nha Nhac to ensure that  it exists today as it was. His merits are recorded and he has been confered a title of The Meritorious Artist by the Vietnamese government. Hopefully, he will be still healthy so that the “Nha Nhac in his blood ” will keep circulating and he will remain healthy for a very long time.

Writer : Trong Binh - Translator : Thanh Van

Source: TQH
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