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Posted at: THUrsday - 15/10/2015 15:38 - Viewed: 1434
Singer Dinh Van

Singer Dinh Van

Since Vietnam opens on outside, of many foreign tourists arrive to Vietnam. The musical life starts to take a new dimension. Hotels, restaurants for tourists engage of the musicians of traditional music to divert the new customers.
Spectacles of traditional music offer to the tourists some bits musical culture of the country. Instead of presenting the authentic music, the musicians interpret works arranged with Western “to give pleasure” with the European taste. Because of the economic needs, the traditional artists do all for the money and neglect the artistic and authentic coast. 

Many groups of artists were sent abroad to take part in the festivals, or to present spectacles at the exiled Vietnameses. In the country, for the music of varieties, the young singers turn to the Occident. They get dressed like the Western artists on scene, imitate them with stage businesses very “dared” and sing foreign songs with the mode (Western, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese). In spite of this rather disappointing aspect, there are festivals of traditional music which are excellent. One finds there now in the Vietnam of the festivals of lullabies, of contest of traditional songs, renovated theatre, traditional theatre. Thanks to these demonstrations, many works on the music, the collecting of the traditional songs are published. A research center on the safeguarding of music of court was created in Huê since 1996 thanks to the assistance of Japan. This very summary outline gives to a general sight on the musical life Vietnamese abroad. 

Does the music continue to evolve, but to an enrichment or one apprauvrissement? The answer is not yet known. 

written by TranQuang Hai (France) 
Translated by cailuongvietnam.com

Source: tcgd posted
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