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In Vietnam, new rules on entertainment industry causes frustration among insiders

Posted at: TUEsday - 17/05/2016 22:28 - Viewed: 2106


Two regulations applied in the performance industry, issued in March, have made insiders frustrated.

A regulation on banning winners of modeling contests and pageant beauties from taking nude photos started to take effect on Sunday.

The regulation, issued by the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on March 24, prohibits candidates who have won beauty and modeling competitions from taking pictures or filming individual images without costumes, or with offensive ones, and accidentally or deliberately releasing them to the public.

The rule has caused controversial opinions in recent times among insiders of the industry since some said that it will prevent people from posting skimpy images in an effort to create scandals and get attention.

But some voiced their disagreement as nudism may also be a way to deliver meaningful messages, like raising breast cancer awareness.

The other regulation has caused frustration among local musicians, their intellectual property rights are not presented.

Do Khac Chien, former deputy head of the Copyright Office of Vietnam, said, “The regulation only shows the commitment between the organizer and the performance licensing unit.

“Neither the ownership of the works nor the composer’s copyright is presented.”

Lawyer Le Quang Vy from Ho Chi Minh City wondered why users should make a commitment with the performance licensing unit while “musical compositions are the property of songwriters.”

“Users must negotiate a contract, or a commitment with songwriters, or the owner of the works, not the performance licensing unit,” Vy insisted.

Source: TTO
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