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Temple to cultural celebrity Dao Tan comes true

Posted at: FRIday - 16/09/2016 12:13 - Viewed: 1335
Temple to cultural celebrity Dao Tan comes true

Temple to cultural celebrity Dao Tan comes true

10 years ago, Tuy Phuoc district People's Committee proposed to build a temple to worship the cultural celebrity Dao Tan and now the proposal comes true at Vinh Thanh village, hometown of the famous Tuong (Vietnamese classical drama) writer.
Artists from Dao Tan Tuong Theatre performed at the inauguration ceremony of the temple.
Place to display, conserve and glorify Dao Tan
One year ago, on the occasion of 170th birth anniversary of Dao Tan (1845-2015), construction of the temple started. The temple was built over an area of 4,000 square metres at main gate of Vinh Thanh village, near ancestral temple of Dao family and communal house of Vinh Thanh village. It was inaugurated on the 16th August, on the occasion of 109th death anniversary of Dao Tan.
With its material, pictures, exhibits and keepsake of Dao Tan, the temple will provide more knowledge about great talent, career and heritage of Dao Tan. The displays there include a bamboo cane, pictures of places where talent of Dao Tan was shown off, written drama scripts, poems and parallel sentences by Dao Tan.

Museum of Dao Tan
The temple is an initiative of Tuy Phuoc district People's Committee. The local government has asked for approval of building the temple from Binh Dinh provincial People's Committee since 2007.
At inauguration ceremony of the temple, Vice Chairman of Tuy Phuoc district People's Committee, Mr Tran Huu Tuong stated that the temple would be developed into a museum, which would display famous Tuong stage and statues of famous Tuong characters in Dao Tan scripts. The local government expected to get support in kind and in mind from the provincial government, Ministry of Culture, Sport & Tourism, Dao family, organizations and individuals interested in traditional Vietnamese culture, urged Mr. Tuong.
In response to statement of the vice chairman, Mr. Dao Vinh Truc, the 4th generation nephew of Dao Tan offered an original version and a copy of a royal ordinance by Nguyen Dynasty conferred title of An - Tinh provincial chief on Dao Tan. The ordinance had been kept by grandfather and father of Mr. Truc and Mr. Truc himself.
"Branches of Dao family still keep other artifacts related to Dao Tan. For some reasons, they don't give the artifacts to the temple now" said Mr. Truc. "I believe the exhibits will be preserved better here and the most important fact is that their values will be promoted. I voluntarily offer the royal ordinance to the temple as a pioneer so that other people of Dao family will act familiarly. Thus, the temple will become a museum of Dao Tan in future."

Sao Ly

Temple to cultural celebrity Dao Tan inaugurated

On morning of the 16th August, local government of Tuy Phuoc district organized an inauguration ceremony of temple to cultural celebrity Dao Tan, marked an end to one-year construction.
The temple is to worship the excellent writer of Vietnamese classical drama, the Vietnamese cultural celebrity. It is also the place to display, conserve and promote values of materials, exhibits,

keepsakes and autograph of Dao Tan; helping audience understand more about great career and contribution of Dao Tan to Vietnamese culture. At the inauguration, Vice Chairman of Tuy Phuoc district People's Committee Tran Huu Tuong stated that the temple was meaningful to the local people. The local government would manage and take advantage of the cultural vestige through traditional festivals and incense offering rituals yearly on occasion of birth and death anniversaries of Dao Tan.Locates at Vinh Thanh 1 hamlet, Phuoc Loc commune, Tuy Phuoc district which is hometown of Dao Tan, the temple is built next to ancestral temple of Dao family and communal house of Vinh Thanh village.

Cost of the temple building is covered by Tuy Phuoc district People's Committee and it is put into operation on occasion of Dao Tan's 109th death anniversary. The building covers an area of 1,998 square metres, including a shrine - the most important component with 233 square metres, and other auxiliary buildings like management house (80 square metres), yard for ceremony celebration, trees, fences and gates. Total cost of the temple is 9.6 billion Vietnamese dong, from local budget funds and contribution of people.

Sao Ly

Source: tcgd - BBD
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