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Play featuring Cai Luong artists' life, career to make its debut in May

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A cai luong play adapted by Nguyen Phuong from the work titled “Eclipse” by scriptwriter Le Duy Hanh will premiere at Cong Nhan theater in HCMC’s district 1 on May 4.
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A scene in the play

A scene in the play

Director Le Nguyen Dat and his team have nurtured the play since 2015. He spent a lot of time to edit the work and build its perfectly content. Artists Le Trung Thao, Hoang Quoc Thanh and Thanh Tay will join the performance.
The “Eclipse” describes the beauty of cai luong artists, their work and life behind the curtain.
Musician Vo Thanh Liem mixed traditional music with western music, aming at creating a new flavor of content to attract audience. Vong co (nostalgia) songs and folk music are mixed and combined harmoniously through traditional percussion instruments, such as flute, dan kim or dan nguyet (moon-shaped lute), dan tranh (sixteen stringed zither), dan co or dan nhi (two-stringed fiddle), and suona horn.
After the premiere, the cai luong play will be performed in HCMC on July 6, August 3, September 7 and October 5 before participating in the third International Experimental Theater Festival in Hanoi.

By PHAM HUY - Translated by Kim Khanh

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