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From ‘nothing' to The Voice Vietnam champ

Posted at: SATurday - 03/10/2015 14:31 - Viewed: 1350
From ‘nothing' to The Voice Vietnam champ

From ‘nothing' to The Voice Vietnam champ

He doesn't have much experience singing, dancing or composing, but 18-year-old student Nguyen Duc Phuc still won The Voice Vietnam 2015 with his surprisingly emotive voice last Sunday. He earned 49.25 per cent of the audience's votes. Recently he shared some thoughts about his happiness, troubles with self-confidence and plans for the future. Quynh Hoa reports.

How did you feel when your name was called out at the awards gala night?

Before the gala night, I never thought I would win the highest award at The Voice Vietnam 2015, a reality television singing competition which has drawn the attention of Vietnamese audiences nationwide.

The Voice Vietnam, MC Phan Anh, My Tam, audience, Nguyen Duc Phuc

He doesn't have much experience singing, dancing or composing, but 18-year-old student Nguyen Duc Phuc still won The Voice Vietnam 2015 with his surprisingly emotive voice last Sunday. He earned 49.25 per cent of the audience's votes.

My acclaimed coach and singer, My Tam, told me that I had nothing. I did not have the looks, the ability to dance, compose or finance, or even the experience, but I had the voice. Therefore, I had to woo the audience with my best voice.

She told me not to think about the prize and the pressure. I followed her advice, and I was so shocked and happy when MC Phan Anh called out my name. I could not control my emotions and kept crying. I had done it! It felt so great because I had proved myself and made my parents and my coach My Tam proud.

Do you think your performance at the gala night was your best?

It was a night to perform and to say thank you to the audience alone, not to compete. So without any pressure, I think I did well.

There was a little thing that affected me before my Tinh Cha (Father's Love) performance. I thought my parents would not be coming to see me on the gala night. But they appeared at the last minute. I knew they loved me so much and had come to support me.

I could not stop crying because I loved them so much. They helped me get back my confidence and I performed successfully, especially the song Uoc Gi (I Wish) with my coach My Tam. I felt satisfied with everything I presented to the audience.

What made you decide to compete in the Voice Vietnam 2015, a large-scale singing competition which draws a lot of talented contestants nationwide?

I have loved singing since I was a little boy. However, people say that only girls can sing well, so I did not dare to sing. I failed at the Viet Nam Got Talent 2011 competition and it made me lose my confidence. But with a deep passion for singing, I, again decided to take part in The Voice Vietnam 2015.

At the blind audition, I just sang the song I liked, without considering it carefully. However, I passed the audition, the battle round, the knockouts, the live playoffs and the live performances. Even now, I cannot imagine how I ended up the winner.

How do you feel when people say that you don't have the looks to be a star?

I know my appearance is not to my advantage, which makes me shy and I lack self-confidence on stage. I also get very nervous whenever I'm in a crowd. I feel hurt, shocked and depressed as they don't like my appearance.

However, I'm slowly getting used to it and now consider the need to improve myself as my driving force. I'll try my best and keep growing along the way, thanks to my coach's help and advice, and my passion for singing.

Have you ever thought about going to a beauty salon and getting cosmetic surgery done to improve your looks?

I have never thought about that. I think, right now my not-so-good-looks will help me stand out from the others and audience will be impressed and remember me more.

How does your family support your passion for singing?

My parents and family have supported my singing a lot. They allow me to decide for myself about my life and my passion. They are always by my side and are my spiritual supporters.

What will you do with your prize of VND500 million (about US$22,200) and the recording contract with Universal Republic Records?

I'll hold a party to invite my coach Tam, my team, my close friends and my family to thank everyone who has supported me. I also want to record some of the hit songs I performed during the competition as a gift to my audience.

Do you have any plans to promote your singing career?

It took a lot of effort and willpower to win The Voice Vietnam, so I do not want to waste it. I'll do my best to promote my professional singing career. I think the ballad style suits me the best. Also, because I am still young, education is a must.


Source: VNN
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