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Trio A Due brings “The joy of my life” to Vietnamese audiences

Posted at: FRIday - 06/03/2015 07:53 - Viewed: 1540
Trio A Due brings “The joy of my life” to Vietnamese audiences

Trio A Due brings “The joy of my life” to Vietnamese audiences

German singers Almut Seebeck and Felicitas Weyer named Trio A Due visited Vietnam in 2003. They experienced to tour Ha Long Bay, Nha Trang and the Mekong Delta and they hoped to tour back this country one day, however until the end of 2014, they had opportunity to be backing Vietnam in accordance with the invitation from Germany Consulate General in HCM City.
Almut Seebeck guides Erato's students to sing Gypsy songs -Photo: Yume

Trio A Due performed and exchanged music with Vietnamese young students through two concerts taken place at the Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music and at Erato Music Schools.

Almut Seebeck and Felicitas Weyer said they felt very happy in Vietnam and it was unforgetable moments, they wished to be able to come back here as soon as possible. This time, they brought tour themed “the joy of my life” to Vietnamese audiences and they would love with this purpose because the singing is the joy of their life.

Trio A Due was founded in 1993, the duo consists of Almut Seebeck as soprano who is also a mental health doctor and pianist Felicitas Weyer as mezzo-soprano. Trio A Due performed all over Germany and Europe, Asia and Australia. A special feature of their music is able to develop a new repertoire of Italian Are Antiche, Celtic Traditionals, Yiddish Songs, Gypsy Songs and Jazz Standards.

Numerous sound portraits have been made of the Duo by German and Australian radio stations (DLR-Berlin, DW, BR, NDR, SFB, ABC and SBS Australia) but even the professionalism of these recordings can not quite catch the full atmosphere of them live –two beautiful women in complete harmony with each other their music, like the two sisters in the Brahms’duet of that title which they sing with such joy.

Almut Seebeck was born in Bremen (Germany), she studied medicine and voice. After her degree and


 admission to the medical profession, she first worked therapetically as M.D with cancer patients, but subsequently concentrated on music. She holds a lectureship for Liedgestaltung at the University of Queensland, Australia. Besides, being involved in her artistic activities she also works as a specialist doctor.

Felicitas Weyer, Mezzosoparano was born in Erlangen in a family of musicians. She finished her piano study with a concentration on Lied-accompaniment with Norman Shetler, she visited advanced and master courses for piano. She currently is lectureships for song and Lied-accompaniment at the Wuzburg University School of Music, Germany and also at the University of Queensland, Australia.

Trio A Due at HCMC -Photo: YUme

Le Gia Linh –Translated by Gia Linh

Source: tcgd theo SGGP
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