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Northern Cai Luong inspires southern audience

Posted at: THUrsday - 17/12/2015 15:23 - Viewed: 1333
Dao Duy Tu drama

Dao Duy Tu drama

The Cao Van Lau theater in Bac Lieu province has attracted a large audience to Cai Luong (reformed opera) performances during the Cai Luong competition 2015. For many people in Bac Lieu, this is the first time they watched northern artists performing Cai Luong. The performances created a chance for both artists and audience to share their passion for this traditional theatrical genre.


The opening ceremony of the national Cai Luong competition 2015
Bac Lieu audience have been waiting for these performances by northern artists to see how the northern performance style and culture of Cai Luong are incorporated in southern folk art. Vuu Long Vy, Director of the Bac Lieu Culture Center, said he had watched Cai Luong performances of northern artists with great surprise. “Northern Cai Luong troupes have carefully prepared for the competition. Bac Lieu audiences had earlier doubted whether northern Cai Luong was attractive or not. After the very first interesting show, the theater has become full for the following shows.”

One of the performances is “Mai Hac De” by the Vietnam Cai Luong Theater. The audience appreciated the use of modern theatrical effects which breathed new life into the traditional theatrical art.

A scene in "Mai Hac De" Cai Luong drama

The play features Mai Thuc Loan, a national hero, who defeated the Chinese Tang dynasty in the 9th century, and the legends around him. Deputy Director of the Vietnam Cai Luong Theater, Emeritus artist Trieu Trung Kien says: “Mai Hac De” play is the most carefully arranged performance by the Vietnam Cai Luong Theater. We want to make a drama embracing historical theme while conveying messages about contemporary life, such as national unity and national defense. The performance featured advanced sound and visual effects, including an LED screen and smoke machines. A large number of actors and actresses participated in the performance.”

A scene in "Dao Duy Tu" drama

Southern artists say northern Cai Luong plays have been set to several different scenes, singing and dancing styles, costumes, and effects. Cai Luong troupes joining the competition brought their performances to 5 districts in Bac Lieu province. The Hai Phong Cai Luong troupe performed “Black-Red Face” for audience in Hong Dan district. Emeritus Artist Nguyen Dang Toan said: “Bac Lieu audience warmly welcomed northern Cai Luong troupes.We had good experiences. In Hong Dan, people came to the theater much earlier before the performance began. Many of them have never watched northern Cai Luong plays. We received a lot of applause from the audience.”

Cai Luong troupes from across the country have brought to the competition high-quality performances showing the artists’ devotion to the art form and brought Cai Luong closer to contemporary audience..

Source: tcgd theo VOV
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