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Minh Canh: A Legendary Voice

Posted at: TUEsday - 12/05/2015 10:38 - Viewed: 3503
Famous singer Minh Canh

Famous singer Minh Canh

My Life wouldn't have been a good life if it wasn't for the Vong Co melody" Minh Canh Said with all sincerity.
And that was the truth. By just listening to Minh Canh singing " Vo Dong So", so many people had been in love with it. It was the love melody which turned the poor young man into a super star . He recalled "I'm the oldest in a crowded family with more than ten little siblings. My father was a chauffeur, my mother sold fruits and other small goods at the market place. I myself, after school, had to walk all over the place selling steamed corns to make a living. I realised I had a good voice from listening to myself calling out while selling. I loved Vong Co and adored singers such as Ut Tra On, Huu Phuoc and so I harboured a dream of becoming an actor. I also practiced singing and learnt lines of all Vong Co songs from the radio.

Luck had led me to meet up with Mr Van Duoc, a great violinist who had taught me singing to the beats. I had also learnt from Bac Hai Si, a barber who was fantastic at playing the Don Co (chinese violin). Through Bac Hai Si I met the well known musican Mr Ngoc Sau, a popular Don Co player from the Kim Chung band. Noticing that I had a unique voice, Mr Ngoc Sau introduced me to the producer of the Kim Chung theatre company Mr Bau Long. Listening to my voice Mr Bau Long had fallen in love with it. He let me perform on stage, introducing me as a "Little genius" of Vong Co. The title " Little genius of Vong Co" it itself is a humorous story. Because I grew up in a poor family, I was an unusual child "a slow growing child" despite being feed. The year I was 22 years old I looked like a 13 or 14 year old, and that was why Mr Bau long intruduced me as such. He also intended to cast me in child roles.

However after my first performance with the song "A Soldier's Letter" (La Thu Nguoi Chien Si) the audience reaction was explosive. then it was my performance in a small role from "Tears in the China Night" (Giot Le Dem Trung Hoa) which attracted a full house at the Olympic Theatre. That got Mr Bau Long excited. He ordered writers to create roles for me "made to measure" and they were all leading roles. Specific costumes were brought for me to perform alongside leading femade performers at the time. Ever since then I had always played leading roles of "A knight in shining armor" to draw the audience with my singing voice.

Nevertheless, Bau Long had six teams of performers in his theatre company performing on stage at any given time, but none of them could solely own Minh Canh's voice. Many record companies had jumped into, inviting Minh Canh to sign their contract of records which had changed his life as though it had been changed by magic. In the end the Asia record company was the one which fully explored Minh Canh's singing voice most successfully, with records such as: Vo Dong So - Bach Thu Ha, Tu La Coi Phuc, Muc Lien Tim Me, Sau Vuong Y Nhac, and Luong Son Ba - Chuc Anh Dai.

Building on the success from the stage of Kim Chung, Minh Canh founded "Minh Canh Theatre Company" with performances throughout the country, attracted a large number of audiences. His theatre company had left a geat impact with many well known plays as well as impressive performances in roles such as: Bach Kiem Vuong Ho Vu ( Mua Thu Tren Bach Ma Son), Phi Phi Nhan Nhan(Loi Tho Tren Tuyet), Ma Khac Sinh(Mat Em La Be Oan Cuu), Cao Nguyen Binh(Dem Lanh Chua Hoang). He was the first who had applied flying techniques on stage with courage dispite the danger, to attract more audiences.

Now-a-days the artist Minh Canh is older but his voice is still good. He is no longer working in the theatre or runing a singing restaurant or he could be anywhere Vung Tau, Ca Mau Ho Chi Minh City like he was before. He said "Vong Co songs have changed my life''. I had blossomed artistically and I have had a great admiration from a vast number of audiences. I wanted to be connected with Vong Co melody till my last beath".

--Translated by Phuongxa (www.cailuongvietnam.com)

Source: cailuongvietnam.com
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