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Why do you ADORE MINH CANH? What does MUSIC MEAN to you?

Posted at: SUNday - 08/11/2015 01:15 - Viewed: 2857
Famous singer Minh Canh

Famous singer Minh Canh

What does music mean to you? Why do you ADMIRE/LIKe Bac MINH CANH? Why do you appreciate renovated opera (cai luong)? Let's share....
Music is a big part of everyone’s life. It maybe difficult to connect analysis with the experiencing of listening to music, but everyone is listening whether it is enjoyable or unlikable. Because different kinds of music initiate and form different feelings, the amount of responses seems eternal. 

As far back as I can remember, music was part of my life, music, as I learned in school, is a science, foreign language, statistical, history, and physical education. It is precise, specific, and it demands exact acoustics. It is rhythmically based on the subdivisions of time into fractions which must be done instantaneously, not worked out on paper. The hearers do not endeavor to pick out in particular details or the structure of the music. Indeed, they hear a recognizable tune, which possibly will trigger connections with the places, time era, or the composer devoted to the song. After listening to the melody, tone, rhythm, tempo, harmony, counterpoint, consonance, or dissonance, several times the listeners certainly can observe the form, and details of the music which they can interpret the music as a nice or an unpleasant experience. 

Not so long ago, I was just a little child and very influenced by modern music such as pop, hip-hop, hard rock, classical, and more. I was very wrapped up with the modern society and renovated opera was something that I would hate the most! I disliked Cai Luong and did not favor Cai Luong was a piece of music in my eyes. But during those old days my parents would play Minh Canh, the king of Vietnamese renovated opera in Vietnam, all the times, whereas I would have my headset on so I could not hear a single word of tan co from him. Every single day my siblings and I would hear very unfamiliar music from Minh Canh & Le Thuy. Sau Vuong Y Nhac,Duyen Que, Tren Duong Luu Dien and Em Be Danh Giay were a few pieces that they turned on everyday in the house. They would tell me, “How remarkable of a person he is and how magnificent his voice can guide people! Try to listen to him! His voice is unbelievable and you would like him if you gave him a chance.” Then they would tell me a bunch of things how they much they adored his music when they were still young in Vietnam. They told me about his life before he became a dedicated famous singer so I should appreciate what I had. At the time, I was completely angry and felt full with HATRED! I failed to see beauty in Minh Canh and did not appreciate the message behind his voice. Because we were completely drawn to the Western culture we did not understand why our parents would listen to Vietnamese opera music. I always questioned “WHY and WHY” all the times and could not have a solution why my parents could listen to Cai Luong or consider Minh Canh as art. 

Couple of years passed, I was no longer a little kid running around for candies and everything began to change rapidly. Because of the modern society and technical advances I began to drift away and become very isolated with my parents. Fortunately, I learned in school the true meaning of art and music. I began to long for the good old days when my parents would play opera music for their kids to hear and miss the old times when my siblings and I used to hang out together. I began to miss their voices, Minh Canh & Le Thuy, and I started to change my attitude toward music. I can still remember I came home from school that night watching “Sau Vuong Y Nhac” and “Em Be Danh Giay” with my parents. We would discuss the meaning behind Minh Canh’s songs and how astonishing his voice could lead people. Minh Canh, king of Vietnamese Renovated Opera left me confused at first, but INTENSELY TOUCHED me when I finally understood what the music meant! After being exposed to Minh Canh’s magnificent voice and performance, I personally feel I have a better understanding about opera music more and more each day. 

Personally the beauty in Minh Canh is not only just the topic of how nice his voice is, but it is the fact that his voice can bring back some deep memories in my childhood and provide a glimpse into a life completely different to the one I have now, the one I used to live. Every time I hear Minh Canh’s voice it makes me realize how ignorant I was before. Yet, it also inspires me to cherish these memories and value this world, folk music and everything more. When I hear Minh Canh’s songs they are not just a finished product or a piece for itself. Rather, his voice tells us to push forward to see things that we would not ordinary used or expected to see. Music is one of the most powerful qualities that can change the mind-set, mood, emotion, sensation, and passion just by the beats of a melody. It can excite or sadden us, and our feelings just shift along with all multitudes of music. Like any other music, Vietnamese renovated opera is not just nonsense like I used to think, but it goes much deeper than all that. Each story in the songs represents a meaning and uses realistic conditions to describe the results of people and so the listeners have to listen very carefully. 

Now, every thing I hear or see is a piece of art and whenever I see Bac Minh Canh I see art in him. Bac Minh Canh’s voice is indescribable, and it just warms my heart and soul with harmony. Though Bac Minh Canh is very old I still truly adore his magnificent voice for the fact that he has made a huge impact on my thoughts about opera music. Because of his strong voice I am able to appreciate all kinds of music. I am not knowledge enough to say what music really is and can not completely recognize the entire difficult variable behind Bac Minh Canh’s voice, but from what I have learned MUSIC IS A SILENT LANGUAGE WITH NO WORDS. Bac MINH CANH IS A CREATION THAT CAN CAPTURE THINGS THAT WORDS NEVER CAN, BUT MOST OF ALL HE IS ART! His powerful voice allows a human being to transform all these dry, technically boring, but difficult techniques and use them to create emotion. That is one thing science can not replica: humanism, feeling, emotion, call it whatever you want. 

Words are not enough to express my admiration for Bac Minh Canh, because he is so incredible! 

Without Minh Canh & Le Thuy= There is no such thing as renovated opera in my heart! 

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Author: MinhCanhLeThuyAlways
Source: cailuongvietnam.com
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