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Play featuring Cai Luong artists' life, career to make its debut in May

Play featuring Cai Luong artists' life, career to make its debut in May

A cai luong play adapted by Nguyen Phuong from the work titled “Eclipse” by scriptwriter Le Duy Hanh will premiere at Cong Nhan theater in HCMC’s district 1 on May 4.


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Pham Huong on announcement of wrong Miss Universe winner

Posted at: SUNday - 03/01/2016 04:49 - Viewed: 2309
Pham Huong on announcement of wrong Miss Universe winner

Pham Huong on announcement of wrong Miss Universe winner

The representative of Vietnam at the Miss Universe 2015 pageant has recently opened up to Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper about her feeling and other contestants’ reaction when host Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner.

The contestants were shocked because the host read out the wrong result although the text on the teleprompter said Miss Universe was Miss Philippines, not Miss Colombia,” the 24-year-old beauty recalled. “It’s obviously the host’s mistake.”

“People became confused and started discussing with one another,” she added. “Then many contenders surrounded Miss Colombia to appease her.”

The mix-up, considered a disaster in the pageant’s history, was caused by host Steve Harvey, who incorrectly announced that Miss Colombia had won the 64th edition of the contest, which was broadcast live on the Fox television network from Las Vegas on December 22.

But then Harvey apologized to the live audience, admitting he had made a gaffe.

Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez Arévalo was then dethroned and the crown was given to Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach.

Speaking of her participation in the contest, Huong said her initial difficulty was getting accustomed to the cold weather and the biggest advantage she enjoyed was support from designers, coaches and those people who accompanied her during the pageant.

The woman who was Vietnam’s biggest hope at the world’s top beauty pageants then also talked about her controversial ‘cobra catwalk’ moves while performing in the swimsuit category.

After the performance, she received mixed opinions from those who said they were impressed by her runway skills and others who believed the way she strutted was awkward.

“International beauty contests require you to be extremely confident and you have to show that vibe to the jury and audience,” Huong explained. “I walked after two strong rivals from the U.S. and Venezuela so I had to try to be different and leave a strong impression.”

The beauty added she thought she made a reasonable choice in terms of the way she performed at Miss Universe 2015, noting she wore 15cm-high heels onstage then.

When asked if she felt disappointed after being eliminated from the contest’s Top 15, the Vietnamese beauty from the northern city of Haiphong said she was satisfied with what she did at the pageant.

“Being in the Top 15 would be an honor, great happiness, and a big achievement for me and for those who love me,” Huong said. “However, even when fate was not kind to me, I still have nothing to regret.”

“I believe in myself and respect what I have got after the contest, that’s enough,” she added. “The love from fans, colleagues, family and the media is a remarkable motivation that has kept urging me to perfect myself.”

Meanwhile, the most valuable lesson she learned from the global contest was putting in effort in whatever she does, the winner of Miss Universe Vietnam 2015 confided.

Besides, Huong also gave advice to beauties who will compete in future international pageants, saying they should prepare to be in good physical and mental health for such stressful competitions which last for many days.

“You’ll have to suffer huge pressure,” she said. “Moreover, being outgoing and friendly to other contestants is a must.”

Pham Huong says proud, happy despite undesired Miss Universe result

Vietnam’s biggest hope to shine at one of the world’s top beauty contests was eventually shattered on December 21 (Vietnam time), but Pham Huong just left the 2015 Miss Universe with her chin up high.



While millions of her supporters, both from Vietnam and other parts of the world, were saddened to see their belle fail to make it to the Top 15, the Vietnamese beauty queen said she was neither upset nor disappointed.

“So everything just had a gentle ending and [I] am always happy and proud of all my efforts,” the 24-year-old told her 462,000 followers on Facebook from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Pham Huong looks fabulous in this photo posted on her Facebook page.

Huong, who won Miss Universe Vietnam in October 2015, had been well expected to advance into the last-15 competition round by polls and beauty and fashion experts, but her name was never called out.

Still, the Vietnamese girl said she has much grown up after the journey, and what is most important to her is “all the other contestants love [me] and recognize our Vietnamese beauty,” she said in the Facebook post that has garnered nearly 148,000 likes.

“That’s what makes me feel so proud. Let’s never give up our faith.”

In another Facebook post shortly after being eliminated from the Top 15, Huong also mentioned nothing about her failure, but called on fans to support her best friend, Clarissa Molina, who represented the Dominican Republic.

Pham Huong in the competition finale

She also revealed in a follow-up status update that she and her Dominican friend will “go to Vietnam together.”

Pham Huong can totally feel proud of her fans, who have never let their queen down.

“Don’t be sad, Miss. You are already the queen in the hearts of millions of Vietnamese people,” a Facebook comment liked by thousands of people reads.

Another supporter said, “You failed to advance into the Top 15, but you are here in the hearts of 90 million Vietnamese people. We love you.”

Nguyen Hong Thuan, who has written many Vietnamese hit pop songs, also said Huong has claimed the biggest award from the competition – the support and love of millions of Vietnamese and other people around the world.

“You have tried your best, girl. Congratulations!” he wrote.


Huong said she finally found the time to eat Vietnamese food during the remaining stay in the U.S., and is now able to “spare more time for [herself].”

“Thank you all for your love, which makes me feel warm even from a distance from home,” she wrote.

“I long for the day to come back to your arms.”

Huong will surely be greeted with love on her day back, as a number of fans have asked to take their beloved beauty to their hometowns and treat her to the best local dishes.


The 64th Miss Universe crown went to Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, a Filipino-German actress and model born in Stuttgart and raised in Cagayan de Oro.

The Filipina was at first mistakenly named the first runner-up by host Steve Harvey, who had said that the crown would be given to Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez Arévalo.

Harvey then admitted to the live audience that he had made a gaffe, and that Miss Philippines was the real winner.

Miss Universe 2014, Paulina Vega, was therefore forced to remove the crown from Arévalo’s head and give it to Miss Philippines.


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