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Movie Film about Cai Luong: Song Lang (2018) by Leon Le

Movie Film about Cai Luong: Song Lang (2018) by Leon Le

A song lang is a musical instrument, a little percussion used in Vietnamese traditional music to keep the tempo for the musicians and the performers and – as the protagonist’s father believed – to “guide the artists down the moral path”.



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Ao Dai of days gone by

Posted at: SUNday - 03/01/2016 00:03 - Viewed: 856
Ao Dai of days gone by

Ao Dai of days gone by

Ao Dai, a long gown with buttons down the front that is worn with trousers has become the national symbol of feminine beauty and a source of national pride for the Vietnamese people.
On the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day, let’s take a look back at photos of the graceful Ao Dai on the streets of Saigon taken in 1961 by US Life magazine photographers.

A woman carrying her baby on the street.

Two young ladies wearing Non la (Vietnamese conical hat) and Ao Dai.

Ao Dai are dresses for all ages. It has become the standard costume for any important or formal occasion such as a national holiday or a traditional festival.  

Ao Dai is also considered an intangible cultural heritage.

A plain white Ao Dai is a common high school outfit. 

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