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Nam Cuong invited Phuong My Chi and staged live concert 10 years singing

Nam Cuong invited Phuong My Chi and staged live concert 10 years singing

The singer revealed the guest list for the 10th anniversary of his singing show will include names such as artist Le Thuy, Phuong My Chi, Dan Truong, Vy Oanh ...



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Helping elderly, poor, single artists to celebrate the year of the dog 2018

  ỦNG HỘ CÂY MÙA XUÂN NGHỆ SĨ TẾT MẬU TUẤT 2018  Trong tinh thần lá lành đùm lá rách và góp gió thành bảo, trang nhà cailuongvietnam.com đã khởi sự chương trình quà Tết gửi đến các nghệ sĩ khó khăn, già yếu neo đơn từ mùa lễ , mùa yêu thương của 14 năm về trước: 2004.đến nay. Mỗi năm,...

Boney M, Scorpions, Chris Norman set to perform in Hanoi

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Boney M

Boney M

A local bank has agreed to sponsor two concerts in Hanoi next month by Boney M, Scorpions and Chris Norman, a source told Thanh Nien without providing details.


Boney M will perform in Hanoi on October 1.
Boney M will perform in Hanoi on October 1.
On October 1 Boney M and Chris Norman will perform at the National Convention Center after reaching agreement with organizers with stringent conditions, Nguyen Thuy Duong, a spokesperson for the organizers, said.
Equipment has been hired in Japan and Singapore to meet their demands, he said.
On October 23 Scorpions will perform at the 3rd Monsoon Music Festival at the Thang Long Royal Citadel.
Composer Quoc Trung said it took them years to get the Scorpions to perform at the event.
“We invited them to the first event, but they refused because the event was not widely known then. They refused to perform at the second event because they were busy.
“We had to contact them early this time besides providing commitments on the organization and equipment.”

Ngoc An

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