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Vietnam digital artist has Facebook page locked over son’s naked photos

Posted at: SUNday - 15/03/2015 04:05 - Viewed: 1921
Vietnam digital artist has Facebook page locked over son’s naked photos

Vietnam digital artist has Facebook page locked over son’s naked photos

Pham Thi Vinh had no idea why her Facebook account was locked out all of a sudden last month, but has a hunch on some of the recent photos she uploaded on the world’s largest social network.

Vinh, better known as artist Uot Mi (Wet Eyelash) among local and international digital artists who practice photo manipulation, said she might have lost her Facebook page because of nude photos of her son.

“I’ve been using Facebook for seven years to share my artworks with friends around the world, as well as to sell them to customers in and outside Vietnam,” Vinh told Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper.

“My Facebook is full of memories about my life, family, and friends so I was really upset when it is locked without any reason.”

Vinh asserted that she does not know “what policies I have violated,” and also ruled out the possibility that the account was suspended because she used a fake name in registration.

“I use Facebook under my real name, which has been verified by Facebook, so I don’t think it is the reason,” she said.

The suspicion lies in the photos showing her little son wearing nothing, not even a diaper.

A photo manipulation artwork Vinh creates using the nude photo of her son

“I think someone reported those photos and my artworks to Facebook,” she said, implying that the photos have been deemed a violation of the social network’s terms of service.

“I really don’t understand because Facebook did not say why they locked my account, and all of my works posted on Facebook have been on display at a charity event since June 1 last year.”

Photo manipulation is a process performed by a digital artist using image-editing software to transform a photograph into a desired image

Many of Vinh’s photo manipulation works have been printed in art magazines or displayed at local and international exhibitions.

Vinh said Facebook is a channel that connects her with customers.

“After failing to contact me via Facebook, some of the customers thought I had swindled them and fled,” she said.

“I have been trying to get in touch with the customers over the last three weeks but it is difficult because all contact information is stored on my Facebook.”

The artist is also afraid that she will be taken to court by customers who have already paid but have not received the artworks.

A person with knowledge on the matter told Tuoi Tre that Vinh might have breached the Facebook terms of service for using nude photos of children in her works.

Posting photos of naked children on Facebook is not uncommon in Vietnam, as parents see it as normal to do so with their children.

Tuoi Tre has contacted the Vietnamese staff of Facebook to ask if such pictures are inappropriate to appear on the social network, but has so far received no official response.

Source: TTN
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