CLVNCOM - Everybody has some good and bad memories to cherish or to leave behind. There are certain memories that make us laugh, and other memories that make us cry. While this soundtrack is playing many of my old memories come flooding back.
  The music is taking me back to a time when I was in one of my dull and dim music classes. I must say it was one of the hardest classes I had to endure. The class was scheduled on a winter’s night for approximately 3 hours on Mon and Wed! At first I thought I could complete this course without any complexity. I assumed the class would be as easy as eating a giant bowl of noodle, but little did I know it turned out to be a whole different story. 
 My fellow classmates and I sat there for 3 hours in this dim room listening to our instructor playing a kind of music that I had NEVER heard in my entire life. There was no such thing as modern music, but only music from the EARLY DAYS existed in that insipid room! Sometimes we would listen to nothing but just the silent room or take note to something that the instructor played from his CD as if a person was just murmuring, crying, dying or screaming very loud for help in those songs … Sure it was very creepy to hear all that. And other times we were told not to hear anything but just to listen to the beat of the heart! “Sure it was crazy! I was so MAD!” To be honest, I thought I was in HELL! What the heck was I listening during these 3 hours at night? Music scared me so much! I thought I would faint/die in this class. Trust me it was a nightmare for me! Not only we were supposed to listen to those kinds of music, but also expected to understand each song and memorize/recognize whatever he played during the class. Why? He would give us approximately 29 seconds to tell him the correct title, era, and composer. Many pieces he played were so similar! Sometimes whatever the instructor played would stick in my head and fright me as I was heading outside in the snowy night. Some dropped the course and half of us HAD NO choice but to continue! YES I did finish the course and it was worth it! 
 As I am listening to this soundtrack I am very grateful that I did not drop the class. Why? It was actually this class that woke me up, helped and made me reorganize many aspects. 
 When the horrendous music was playing in the class my mind was hastening and an extraordinary thought evoked me. Many memories were coming back and I began to remember the old times. I thought of MINH CANH! At that instance, I realized Vietnamese Cai luong was NOT as ghastly as I thought. “If I had to choose I would rather choose to listen to this Minh Canh’s voice instead of these unspeakable ones in the class.” 
 Perhaps, without this class and my parents I do not know if I would have the ability to discover my respect for Minh Canh . I do regret how I used to criticize Minh Canh’s appearance and Cai luong. I do feel humiliated that I used to hate Cai luong… I do feel I do feel…I do… feel very terrible why my admiration for MINH CANH has begun so late. There are so many regrets! I guess what done is done and of course I cannot turn back! But at least, I am very grateful to learn my erroneous beliefs and affection for Minh Canh & LeThuy.
 It’s really hard to change one’s personal beliefs and 1 class like this may or may not do anything…It really takes time…Because right after I took this class I didn’t fall in love with MC’s voice right away...This class allowed me to see my negative thoughts and respect Vietnamese Opera/ Minh Canh. It took me another year to understand and really like Minh Canh. 
 I didn’t discover my passion for Minh CANH long ago,butI just learned to ADMIRE/LOVE him just some months ago! Let me see how many months…umm...Counting hummm I won’t tell you yet! ( you,Lekt made me say it out! I was hoping to keep that as a secret so people or you would think that I must be crazy about Minh Canh for a long time ago…Hey,just fooling around, okie? 
 At this point, I CAN’T say that I totally like Cai Luong but I’d rather say that I VALUE and appreciate cai luong. I guess it’s a part of the Vietnamese culture so that’s why. I don’t hate cai luong anymore , but I just RESPECT it. Sometimes I get confused whether I actually like Cai Luong or not. Because I can only listen to Minh Canh & Le Thuy. You may say that I'm a hard headed person because I'm not at that superior level to stand/hear/like whatever every singers are singing..... 
 Now when it comes to Minh Canh , I do LIKE and ADORE him…..Minh Canh & Le Thuy make cai Luong shine in my heart! It’s just my opinion and probably some other singers make cai luong/Vietnamese music shine in your heart! Everybody has a different taste so it’s up to a person to decide! 
 Okie, since today is the 4th of July I’d like to say “Happy 4th of July to all! Let’s ENJOY the FIREWORKS tonight!”….I’m so happy & EXCITED! 

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